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Automate your IT environment. Simple. Efficiently!

Expand your IT team, perform routine tasks automatically, empower others

  • Automate from simple tasks to complex processes
  • Deploy virtual machines, edit their configuration like CPU, RAM (...) or restart servers
  • Create or disable Active Directory accounts. Implement the AD Account Life Cycle in your organization
  • Break down the typical IT silos

"admins buddy" (short "addy") is a platform for the automation of IT processes.

Repetitive tasks are executed, monitored, documented and tracked. Once defined, automatisms can be easily triggered for execution. Thus, "addy" extends and supports IT teams in routine tasks, service requests and incident handling.

Made by administrators, for administrators.

Automate IT tasks and services


IT automation accelerates and improves standard tasks.

Mount up!

Create time for meaningful tasks and projects for IT teams. Empower others!


Repeat complex automated tasks over and over again.

Automate IT processes

From the automatic creation of new user accounts, to the detection and reaction to faulty processes, to the provision of virtual machines - automation within IT is considered a proven means of saving resources and relieving employees.

Automated administration offers the opportunity to develop and enhance the creative potential of IT departments, teams and individual administrators.

With admins buddy you provide services that can be consumed by you or your colleagues.

automate IT tasks easily and efficiently

Empower others to get things done

The problems of IT

Lack of information

"Manual" processes are slow. As soon as a colleague or a system needs a piece of information or something else, it is necessary to wait until someone addresses the issue.

Employee shortage

Subject matter experts exist in every company. In one company they are a one-man show and in others they are busy with projects. Or just the opposite is true and the trained administrator regularly performs tasks that are tedious, repetitive and can be automated.

Not 24/7

Even the best admin needs a vacation, is stuck in meetings all day, is on a business trip or simply not available. Ideally, the colleague takes over the day-to-day business. Just in a different way.

Everyone makes mistakes

Hand on heart - as soon as data is processed manually by a human being, errors can occur. Checklists and documentation or not...

Decentralized and not everywhere

Existing scripts are not always located where you think they are. Not every colleague can operate them, knows with which permissions the script must be started or which PowerShell modules must be available.

Automate your IT processes, empower yourself and your team!

I didn't think automation could go so easily [...] No frills, quickly and easily automates the creation of virtual machines.

Simon R. (VMware Administrator, in a German medium-sized company)

We have completely automated the creation of AD accounts for our employees with the addy, including secure password sending.

Jens S.-W. (IT-Administrator für Active Directory + Azure Active Directory)

Works as promised! The software does what it should and has quickly proven to be an added value.

M. K. (Administrator and Developer)

it automation tutorial video
Watch the video on YouTube on how to set up admins-buddy.

Register to provide your own services for you and your colleagues or arrange a no-obligation appointment with us.

5 steps to IT automation 🚀

1. Set up account

Create an account by registering here on the platform.

2. Nominate a POD

Use a current Windows operating system and make it a "POD". Wie das geht? See the article "Prepare POD". Verwende ein aktuelles Windows Betriebssystem und mache daraus ein "POD". How to do it? See the article "Prepare POD".

3. Beat it!

Load your custom startup script and run it on your new POD. After the automated setup, the process for the heartbeat is started.

4. Enabling

Your POD must be activated by you in your internal area. You can now notice that the heartbeat can be seen regularly. Beautiful ?

5. Automate

You already have a PowerShell script you want to use? Perfect! Use our PowerShell template and create a new resource on the platform to run your job.

Speed up IT tasks

Automate your existing IT environment. Expand yourself and your team!

Reset Passwords.

Quickly and easily reset Active Directory end-user account passwords (including logging).

Reboot Server.

Initiate a restart of a remote computer.

DNS Records.

Create new A records in your DNS.

Capacity Management.

Keep track of your free capacity on a regular basis.

Deploy VMs.

Provision new virtual machines to your standards.

Create Accounts.

Automate the creation of new Active Directory accounts for employees.

Generate Reports.

Generate regular reports about your IT environment.

Automate your IT processes

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