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Start your IT automation now! Empower others, empower your colleagues, unburden your IT team.
Start your IT-Automation now and get 300.000 requests for free.

Model: Online Buddy

With the "Online Buddy" option, our billing is based on "cost per request". Each request from the POD to the addy launch is logged and billed.

Register now and try it for free (the first 300.000 requests are free).

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Basic Standard Premium
info You are able to create user accounts for four colleagues.
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info Use the REST API to trigger new jobs, get the current job state or some other things.
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Unique Request Tickets
info "Unique Request Permission Tickets" allows you to pass a predefined task to other people via a hyperlink. This enables these people to perform the task without having to have access or permission on admins-buddy.
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Schedule jobs
info Schedule a task to be performed at a specific time. Or have automations run daily, weekly, or monthly.
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Group permissions
info Create groups and decide which user are able to perform which automation task.
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info The chests feature gives you a simple overview of data you want. It's a cool thing for buddies.
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implementation support
info We assist you to create your own POD. You could also watch this video on YouTube launch.
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Automation contingent up to(per month)
info You are able to ask the support buddies to create, improve or review a automation task.
0 h 2 h 5 h
1.000 Requests 0,45 € 0,70 € 0,95 €

* es wird keine Mehrwertsteuer ausgewiesen. Betrag netto gleich brutto.

300.000 request credits for free

Depending on usage, it can be assumed that an initial 400,000 to 600,000 requests per month will require active automation.


Start your IT automation with 300.000 free credits. No risk!

Model: Enterprise Buddy

The "Enterprise Buddy" option, includes your own addy launch in your environment.

This gives to more security to your automation.

admins buddy makes it easy for you and your IT team: 350,- € per month for the platform.

For this you get your own admins buddy instance including updates (maintenance). No matter whether the platform is operated for you in your data center or your/our cloud.

If we operate the instance for you in our cloud environment, the cloud costs are also due.

On request, we offer a managed service.

Support according to your own wishes: Monthly quota or according to actual effort.

Why is admins buddy so incredibly cheap? Because the platform wants to prove its young potential!

Any questions? Contact us!